Mike Teaches in ChinaMike Adams has been a radio personality and a film maker

Currently he is a professor emeritus at San Jose State University where he has been the department chair of radio, television, and film, and the associate dean of the College of Humanities and the Arts. He is a creator of television about the history of radio, including the Emmy-nominated PBS series “Radio Collector,” and “Broadcasting’s Forgotten Father.” For his broadcast history research he received the AWA Houck Award, the RCA Ralph Batcher Award, the TCA Stokes Award, and he is a CHRS and AWA History Fellow. He is the author of 7 books, Including  Lee de Forest, King of Radio, Television, and Film , Springer, 2012,  The Radio Boys and GirlsMcFarland, 2015, and Columbus Radio History, Arcadia, 2016.

Below, Watch Mike’s PBS Documentary on Early Radio | Watch “Radio Collector” on Mike’s YouTube | Read about it in the LA Times